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3 Outfits You Need in 2021

by Nathalie Russell 04 Jan 2021 0 Comments

After one of the most difficult years we’ve all experienced together is now over it’s time to move onto 2021. With all that happened last year, we’re trying to keep 2021 simple and easy going. That’s why we have 3 categorized outfits that you need to survive the new year and keep yourself looking fresh. 

The first outfit you need this year is a go-to casual outfit. If one good thing came out of 2020 it’s everyone’s new appreciation for comfortable clothing. Therefore, our recommendation is our new Spirit Joggers paired with one of our Iconic Hoodies. This classic combination is not only comfy but can be styled perfectly for an everyday look.

A really good workout set is the second outfit you need. Not only is athleisure all the rage but whether your workouts will be from home or at the gym it’s important to have a set that will be able to support you through all your sessions. One of our most versatile sports bras is our Aria Sports Bra and it looks great when paired with either our Flow Shorts or Flow Leggings.

The last outfit is for when we can finally go out with our family and friends. The perfect way to celebrate is by dressing up in your favourite nighttime look and spending some time outdoors. We recommend either the Beverly Long Sleeve Dress, Fantasy Bodysuit paired with any of our jeans, and/or the Veronica Dress. Each piece is a staple item that can vamp up a going outlook for any night out.


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