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4 DIY Home Gym Equipment Ideas

by Nathalie Russell 03 Apr 2020 0 Comments

4 DIY Household Workout Equipment Ideas 

Do you want to work out from home but don’t have any equipment? Well, have no fear because you can still get an effective workout from home using household items that you probably already have! The grind doesn’t have to stop because we’re quarantined. Let’s make the best of it and continue to look stylish while getting these gains. Always remember to be careful when working out, wear the appropriate attire for your session, and train safely!

Water Jug/ Milk Jug

Grab a gallon of water or a milk jug and use these as weights. There are two areas that you can train with these items. The first being arms, you can get a great workout for your arms using these items. For example, these will be your substitute for any dumbbell weights that you lift during your training session. The second area would be your lowers body. You can hold onto these items when squatting, hip thrusting, and anything else necessary. However, be cautious when doing so because these would be considered a heavier weight when training so only use these if you feel comfortable.


If you want to work your lower body all you need is an ottoman. This household item can be a great tool for training your lower body at home. Try holding onto it when doing reverse hypers, balancing yourself during leg raises, or laying down and giving yourself some elevation when doing hip trusts!


Bags of Rice or Pet Food

A bag of rice of pet food adds a little bit of extra weight to help you train your lower body. One of the nicest things about this household item aside from the fact that it can be easily found is that it’s easy to grip onto. This can come in handy when doing exercises such as lunges specifically quad-dominant lunges and seated calf raises.


Towels/ Bed Sheets

If you want an easy way to train your back and biceps try using a towel or bed sheet. The first step consists of attaching your bedsheet/towel to a door, railing, or anything else that works for you! Be very cautious when attaching the items to your desired area and make sure that the towels or sheets are wound taut. Upon completing the set up you can now do many exercises such as rows, face pulls, bicep curls, etc.


Some may believe that not having a whole rack of equipment or working out form home won’t lead to a successful workout. However, all you need is a couple of household items and your body weight and you achieve a great workout! Keep in mind before completing any of these at home routines be sure that you are taking the necessary precautions and have a safe workout space.

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