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5 years and growing. A insiders scoop on Jed North 🔥

by Luke Bermingham 13 Aug 2020 0 Comments

This week we are celebrating 5 years of solid growth as a company, and we couldn't have made it this far without all of the support! You, yes you reading this. Your support has helped the Jed North family grow to where it is today! Over the years we have made tons of mistakes, and shared tons of victories! We wanted to share the inside scoop and experiences from some of our amazing influencers who have embarked on this journey from the beginning. 

Along their journey with Jed North, the influencers interviewed in this article have experienced, and seen the growth first hand. While simultaneously growing with the company, these individuals play a huge role in our combined success!

Bred for success:

Plenty of our influencers have made extreme progress of their own in all areas of fitness, and life since joining the team! Here are some words from athletes who have done just that: 

Fitness professional: Timmy Berry (@_timmy_b), who has been on team Jed north since early 2017: 

 Before I was even officially a part of the company, I was always rocking Jed North and tagging them in all my pictures. I was doing my first men’s physique show at the time, and was really involved with posting pictures of my physique progress. Jed North treated me like family since the beginning, they were very communicative and supportive of my posts. They sponsored me when I only had 600 followers, and they were around 50k at the time.


IFBBPRO Carlton Loth (@carltonloth) also shares a splash of his growth with team Jed North:

“I've been a Jed North Sponsored Athlete for a number of years now and I really enjoy the support and friendship of the whole team. I've grown as an athlete personally during my time with Jed North to become a professional IFBB bodybuilder. I got the opportunity to travel to Toronto last year to meet the team and learned alot about the company, while checking out Toronto.”


Fitness professional: Jordan Strickland (@jstrickfitness)

“Over the years not only has the brand grown to extreme heights but the quality of the clothing keeps getting better and better. I’m so thankful for where Jed North has helped me take my career and so thankful to be part of such an awesome team!”


The perfect fit:

Among our ever growing clothing line, everyone is always going to have their favourite articles of clothing! Have you ever wondered what collections your favourite influencers love the most? 

Scott Herman (@scotthermanfitness) Loves his agile shorts! If you check his instagram he is wearing them in almost every post!  🔥

“I absolutely love the AGILE SHORTS.  These are the most comfortable, light and breathable shorts I have ever trained in.  but the best part is that they come in basically any color.  So I have more options when I train.  I like to have different colors for different days.”


Sadik Hadzovic (@sadikhadzovic) Loves the Vital Muscle tank  💪

“One of the best tanks in the business, you know how some tank tops reveal too much? Show off too much chest? Well this one you feel great no matter what you are training. It doesn't reveal too much!”


Memories with the team 

The Jed north team has had many photo shoots, done plenty of expos and had tons of team dinners! Here are some of our teams favourite memories so far! 


Lauren Martinstow (@laurenforshehulk) has been with us since 2016! She is one of our first partnerships! And has been a huge part of our growth!  

“Meeting Jed at the Toronto pro show in 2016 was a very influential and memorable moment. Surrounding myself with that type of passion, helped bring me to a whole new level. It all begins and ends with passion. Thank you for the constant support and motivation.”


Sadik Hadzovic (@sadikhadzovic)

“I remember when i went out to Canada for a photoshoot, i was blown away. It’s not only about the clothing, its about the family. The commodity that everyone has, it’s a very positive culture, and I really get the sense of belonging. It is a real company by real people who actually give a F ”

Thank you!

Lastly we would like to thank all of our influencers and supporters! 5 Years and growing stronger by the day! Leave a comment on how you have seen Jed North grow over the years and let us know your favourite article of clothing! We are always looking to expand and grow! So keep hitting us with your feedback! 

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