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Athleisure: The Trend That Is Here To Stay

by ASHNA KAPOOR 15 Nov 2019 0 Comments

To those who are new to the term, let’s just be reminded about how to define the term Athleisure. Nowadays, outfit trends, reveal celebrities transitioning from walking around in designer clothing to chic activewear apparel. Athleisure can be defined as a combination of the two, making it a popular section to fashion. No one can’t resist how simple throwing on either a matching two-piece legging or jogger set.

A designer can be worn by anyone, however, making certain clothing look expensive – that takes talent. The key is to find pieces that flow together, making layering the best option. Wearing Joggers with a crop top is a go-to for girls headed out to most events. Although some believe that those people following the trend are “lazy” – remember ANY outfit is useless without confidence. The way you work the outfit brings your creation to life! Hence the #OOTD hashtag trends, which is a conversation for another blog post!
You can take a look at our athlete Sophia (@sophiaa.baggio) who enhances her outfit by slipping into the Koko Lounge Top in Black and Missy Track Pants in Beige. It can be considered the sporty yet comfortable look as it expresses how people seem to be on the move but aren’t trying too hard. An essential part of any athleisure outfit is the right accessories, which could be either braids or hoops! In this case, it’s great to throw on a hat - quickest way to switch the total laid-back look to baddie inspo.

There you go! Recently, the massive demand for quality activewear has increased due to an on-going fashion trend that doesn’t seem to be going away. People have been changing their perspective rather than seeing those who wear it as “lazy” to giving athleisure a proper title of “streetwear”. Anyone can find a reason to hate any ongoing trend, but this one - might just be the one we can all agree to be the comfiest!

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