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Back on Track. The Best Outfits for Running.

by Mehgan Tabuac 26 Mar 2021 0 Comments

With warmer weather imminent and the longer hours of sunlight, we highly suggest getting back on the track and starting your running routine again. Here is our list of the best Jed North items to add to your rotation for running attire. 

One thing we definitely don’t need while running is chafing, sweating or overheating. These pieces below guarantee for a smooth run with no hiccups or falls. If you’re looking for the easiest running clothes, consider these items. 

Our Warrior Windbreaker is waterproof, lightweight and cooling as a cover up for those less than ideal jogs. Don’t let a little wind or rain stop you, pull up the hood and get it done. 

windbreaker for running

We couldn’t make a blog post about the best clothes for running without including our Hades Joggers. Slim fit to lessen drag while being light and stretchy for a no compromise run. Best part is that it comes with zip pockets to keep all your essentials secured. 

joggers. good mens outfit for running

Our Proper T-Shirt is our choice for tops if you’re looking for a stylish, minimalistic and form fitting shirt. Made with the right combination of polyester and chinlon so that it’s breathable and high stretch.

shirt for running

If we’re looking at the best running clothes for women we can’t forget about our Flow Shorts. With its smooth to the touch fabric it provides the best durability and comfort. It also has a hidden pocket to store any small items like a credit card or some cash.

running shorts for women

Our Bloom Sports bras are also great for runs. With medium support and buttery soft fabric you will get the most out of this piece. 

sports bra for running

Take your first steps and grab any of these items for a solid jogging outfit. Don’t compromise yourself and take the needed steps (and outfits) to guarantee a successful workout and hit those new fastest times. 

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