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Best Colours for Darker Skin Tones

by Yvonne Napier 11 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Brown skin is such a versatile canvas to pair with a wide spectrum of colours. However, colours can be tricky and often the colours we love may not match our skin tone. Even with skin tone, there are different undertones that complement some colours better than others. For instance, there is a difference between cream and white, even though they belong to the same colour group, wearing cream can be more subtle than wearing white. 

We interviewed Reina, a fashion influencer based in Montreal who shares a strong love and passion for Fashion with purpose; to understand what colours are flattering on darker skin tones. 

1. What colours best complement darker skin tones?

As a Black woman, I have always loved wearing colour. I love the way bright reds, yellows, and blues allow my skin tone to shine brighter and how the soft hues of pastel pinks and greens complement my warm undertones. 

The Jed North Amour Set comes in Red, Teal and Gray and is a great choice for those looking for brighter muted tones. 

2. Do you change your colour palette based on the season?

Living in Canada, there tend to be two noticeable migrations as the winter season draws near, the first being the geese journey southbound and the second is the transition from the loud, playful patterns of summer to the ever muted black. One of the fundamental principles behind Reinagade Fashion is the call to be a fashion renegade in your own right, by deserting and dismantling certain fashion tenets and trends. It’s looking expensive without your clothes costing a fortune, the embrace of white before AND after Labour Day, as well as keeping the vibrancy of playful colours going strong all year long! 

3. What is your approach when it comes to prints? Are there any specific prints you love?

When it comes to prints, I tend to lean towards something a little more classic. You can never go wrong with a houndstooth pattern, especially for a matching set or a double-breasted coat. Another beloved classic of mine, is the infamous animal print, which I dare to say will never ever go out of style. It’s the classic snake print, or satin cheetah print, that helps to bring out a fun sophisti-cat-ion to every outfit (pun intended)

4. What is your approach when it comes to neutrals? 

At times I put down my patterns and pops of colour, for a neutral monochrome look! I have often found neutrals quite difficult to find for darker skin, because the wrong one has a way of washing me out. Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised when I tried the Jed North sets, and felt just as fierce and flamboyant wearing those, as I do rocking my beloved colour! 

Some recommendations for neutral sets would be the Effortless matching set and the Valentina Set in Brown

Whether you’re a colourful queen or have a knack for styling neutrals, dare to do you! 

Follow @reinagadefashion on IG for more tips and fashion inspo.

For all things, fashion follow @jednorthwomen on Instagram.

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