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by Nathalie Russell 24 Jan 2020 0 Comments

Our seamless collection is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and durability even for your most intense workout. The seamless fabric is also non-chaffing as there are no irritating stitch lines. Be it running, jogging, or a yoga session, our seamless leggings and bra sets give you practicality and affordability while looking cute.

The Haze Marble collection features a vintage wash feel kind of soft and stretchy material with simple basic bras and leggings (high waisted though). The bras provide medium support for most gym routines and training sessions.

The Flora seamless collection is full of camo galore. With soft texted subtly designed camo patterns mixed with a hint of muted blue, pink, gray, or green. The seamless legging and bra set represents all the tough strong women out there but with a flare of fashion and style.

For simple yet functional purposes, our Luna set is our most recommended activewear set for fall and winter. The material is made of a super-soft ribbed material and the long sleeve crop top provides a good alternative than sports bras for chilly weather.

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