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Calisthenic Fashion

by Andres Rodriguez 27 Mar 2021 1 comment

As our Jed North Move page is growing, so is the recent sport of calisthenics. We recently interviewed Janie Stel, a Canadian champion in the sport, to highlight her views on the sport and what it meant growing up as a calisthenics athlete. With every 720 or reverse flyway landed, our athletes are wearing their favorite items from Jed North. Below I will list the most popular items our calisthenics community is wearing.

Energy Oversized T-Shirt

By far one of the most popular men’s item for the move community in our store, our athletes can always find one of these t-shirt variants in their packages. The popularity comes with the style of the t-shirt. The baggy look is very popular and mix that with soft and versatile material, it allows athletes to move around without restrictions.  We currently have 6 variations of our oversized, so calisthenics athletes have plenty of options to choose from.


Flow Leggings

Going from one of our most popular male items to our most popular female item. The flow leggings are high performance leggings that are super soft on the skin. With such a unique fit, it allows our athletes to land tricks with no worry of discomfort. The bonus to these leggings is that they have a matching sports bra to go with them. Not only will you perform at a maximum level you will look good while doing it.

Spirit Joggers/Bloom Set

I was conflicted here whether to choose just one item, but I couldn’t pull myself to it. Both items complete the outfits mentioned above so it was only right we added these to the article. The Spirit Joggers come in both men and women, so all can enjoy the comfort and performance. These joggers give you a slim, but stylish fit that will leave you wanting to get every colourway. The Bloom set is a new item for us, premiering a couple months ago, but has really picked up steam in the calisthenics community. With a style close to yoga, these leggings have a unique look to them but still giving you the flexibility needed to hit the bar. With colouways coming out to match the flow leggings these sets are so versatile!

Head over to @jednorthmove to see highlights of your favorite athletes.

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