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Christmas With Jed North

by Andres Rodriguez 24 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Christmas with Jed North

It’s the holiday season! You know what that means… lounging in your new arrivals, Jed North new arrivals that is. Since this Christmas season has long been awaited, due to a rollercoaster of a year that was COVID, a lot of people are excited for the Holidays to come. There are three indicators that you will come across to tell you that the Holidays are here. The first indicator are the very catchy Christmas tunes on the radio. The second, are the corny Christmas movies that start to hit all networks/platforms on your TV. The last will be all the promotions to get you to finish your Christmas shopping (FYI New arrivals on Jed North RIGHT NOW 😉) before the 25th.

For this article we will focus on the second indicator, minus the corny… and maybe a little of the third. Here we will help you maneuver through all the Christmas movies to help you pick our favorites and hopefully yours!

Home Alone

A Holiday classic and a no brainer here… follow the journey of Kevin and his very dysfunctional family through the Christmas Holidays. The premise of the film surrounds the McCallister family planning a trip for the holidays. Through last minute packing and rushing to the airport, the big family leaves poor Kevin at home ALONE. Though this may have been his wish prior to the trip, he soon comes to realize that he misses the dysfunctionality of his family. Throughout the movie Kevin faces some hurdles to get through Christmas by himself. This heartwarming, yet comedic piece of cinematography will leave you wishing you got your family all matching Jed North socks… because its that heartwarming and comedic.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

By far one of my favorite Christmas films of all time! Jim Carrey puts together a masterful performance as the the the… the GRINCH! This movie is full of comedic reliefs and allows everyone to have a look into Christmas at Whoville. The audience can relate to the Grinch at some point throughout the holidays, whether it’s TOO much Christmas at times, or not knowing what to where, to even just straight up cancelling the holiday. If the latter, has ever occurred, just know your heart can grow three sizes at any moment! And for the second, well, JN could have covered the Grinch in that department. He would of turned that town inside out while walking in with an Elite Cuffed Tee and Embassy Grid Pants… though he kind of did that anyway (SPOILER ALERT). A definite 5 star recommend.


Polar Express

This movie allows your imagination of Christmas to run wild. Everyone had a thought on what would happen if you ever got to go to the North Pole, or how would you get there? Well as Tom Hanks as the conductor it can’t all be that bad. It all starts with boy’s skepticism about the existence of Santa Claus. This leads to a wild adventure and a world only a kid can dream of. A heartwarming movie that won’t make you doubt the existence of Santa Claus again!

A sleeper pick:

Jingle Jangle

A movie that just came out on Netflix this year, has already spiraled into my top 5. Full of imagination and hardship, builds for a fantastic story line. Jeronicus Jangle, an inventor and toymaker has fallen into a deep funk and lost his spark to invent. To reignite that spark, an ultimatum, and some fresh dose of imagination from his grand daughter Journey will surely help him save his shop and his passion, right?... You will have to watch a find out.

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