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Discover your inner power through yoga

by Danica Dalao 12 Feb 2021 0 Comments

With winter, lockdown, and our daily grind, we sometimes put ourselves last on the list. Join us as we empower our inner Goddess and rediscover our inner power in #findyourinnerroarr

From February 5-10, our yogis hosted and/or joined in the fun of the #FindYourInnerRoarr Yoga challenge. The challenge consists of 5 different poses to do each day until the last day of the challenge. From beginners to advanced yogis, everybody was welcomed to join and share variations of the set poses.

Day 1 - Self Hug/Fold. Love should always start with self -love.

self-hug fold yoga pose

@liana_scott starting the challenge off with a beautiful self hug pose to remind us that we are allowed to be a masterpiece while also progressing to the kind of person we want to be.

Day 2 - Heart opener. You’ve filled your cup, show us how you share your love with others.

heart opener pose asana

@sarahgriffinyoga with a calming mermaid pose to open our hearts and release negative energy.

Day 3 - Balance or hip-opener pose. You’re a goddess, shining a balance of love and light.

goddess pose

Strong and powerful goddess pose by @annasalvidar.

Day 4 - Power pose: Arm balance or inversion. We see your inner strength, show us your power in pose.

handstand inversion, sirsana asana

Perfect alignment with inversion.

Day 5 - Yogis choice. how do you use your creativity and love to make the world a better place?

backbend yoga pose

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change. Co-host @fernbergmans.yogi with a elegant pigeon pose and encouraging words.

Thank you to our yogis for hosting this inspiring challenge. Moving forward we will always remind ourselves to take a step back and see how we can positively impact the world when we look within our inner selves. 

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