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From Fearing the Unknown to Fearlessness

by Danica Dalao 16 Apr 2021 2 Comments
Meet Jed North Yogi, Simona. A powerhouse in the yoga community sharing tips for starters and inspiration of all things yoga.
Introduce yourself!
Hey, Jed North fit family. My name is Simona.
I have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 17 years. I love the Bay Area for it's amazing weather and all the parks, beaches, restaurants and diversity. I love hiking, walks on the beach, going to the park with my dog, cooking, sewing, practicing yoga and teaching yoga. I am a total nerd and listen to audiobooks at all times (mostly nonfiction). I keep learning about yoga, human anatomy, mobility and health.
How did you get into yoga? 
I had people telling me to go to yoga for 10 years because "it's such a California thing to do''. I had no idea what yoga was. So I suppose the fear of the unknown stopped me from showing up to yoga class for a long time.
I went to my first yoga class 7 years ago from curiosity. The fear of the unknown was less important than my need to find an exercise routine that I would like. I really liked the heat and the playful class (it was hot vinyasa flow). I kept going back, sometimes 12 classes a week.
What do you love about yoga?
I love yoga because it is never boring, it doesn't feel like exercise but you keep getting stronger. It is an amazing laboratory for self study because the body, energy, mood are different everyday. After a while I understood that yoga is more than exercise, that mindfulness aspect connected with the breath really hits you. It changes you and I kept learning more and more.
Who or what is your inspiration?
This is a really hard question. I admire some women on Instagram that are super bendy and are amazing. But I am also inspired by the teachers that have been teaching for 30-40 years and have amazing wisdom. I find a lot of inspiration in the books.
What is your favourite yoga pose and why?
My favorite yoga pose is a seated compass. I think because it feels pretty comfortable and stretches a lot of areas of the body like hamstring, inner thigh, side body, shoulder and hip opener and a little bit of the twist.
What pose took you the longest to achieve?
Oh this one is easy. Front splits were totally not my thing for 3 years... I tried and I tried... And the floor still was about 7 inches away. One day out of nowhere the splits were mine. Although I am still working on my backbends. It will probably be a lifelong journey...
What is your advice to beginner yogis?
Just start. Do not overthink. Grab a mat and book a class. Do not be afraid of the unknown or looking like a fool. We all start somewhere. Give a teacher 3 tries before you decide you do not like that teacher and move on onto another teacher. Why three tries? Because on the first try mayne you had a bad day, next time maybe the teacher had an off center day. If you still do not like the teacher on the third time it's a good idea to find a teacher that will keep you engaged, motivated and safe in your poses. You need to find a teacher that sequences poses that feel good in your body. Do not give up on yoga because you didn't the style or teacher that you like yet.
What's your favourite set from Jed North to flow in?
My absolute favorite set is Wanderlust. The fabric is thin, soft and not sheer at all. It moves with my body perfectly during the practice. The waistband is very nicely fitted and the bra top keeps everything in place so I do not have to adjust my clothes throughout the class.
What is your favourite quote?
"The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see"  - Mary Davis.
Follow @simonagyoga on IG for more tips and yoga inspo.
For all things yoga, follow @jednorthyoga.
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