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Hamstring Workout With Resistance Bands

by Mehgan Tabuac 22 May 2020 0 Comments

Whether you are back at the gym now, or still at home, it’s always good to get creative and have options available when you can’t make it to the gym! To help with this, Jed North athlete Peter Miljak will take you through his Hamstring Workout using just resistance bands.

Sumo Band Squat/Deadlift

Using a sumo stance, loop the band around each foot, then grip each side of the band closest to your feet. Perform a Sumo Squat/Deadlift. Keep your chest up and out the entire time to keep constant tension on the band! 


Standing Hamstring Curl

Loop the band at the bottom of a post, then place a sturdy chair or stool in front (roughly hip height) so you can rest your leg/thigh against it. With the band loops around your foot, perform a hamstring curl (try to get full range, the band might slip off your foot so keep toes pointed out)

 Sets/Reps : 4x20-25ea.

Elevated/Deficit Stiff Leg Deadlift 

Using the same sturdy chair, stand on it and perform stiff leg deadlifts. The height of the chair allows greater starting resistance in the band which will force constant tension on the hamstrings the entire time

Sets/Reps: 5x15-20.

Standing Adductor Fly

Attach a band at the bottom of a post. Loop the band around your foot and take a few steps away to create starting resistance. Keep the slight bend in your knee and pull your foot inward so feet are together. (TIP: I find having the band looped around the foot forces more control and a stronger contraction on the adductors as opposed to having it around your ankle.)

Reps/Sets 5x20ea.

You don’t always need fancy equipment to get a workout done. Follow along with Peter’s workout to get a good burn while you are still stuck at home.

Follow Peter on his Instagram for more great workouts @PeterMiljak

Make sure to also follow our page @JedNorth for more tips and fitness content

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