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How Do Bodybuilders Eat So Much Food and Still Stay Lean?

by Yvonne Napier 04 Feb 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered how bodybuilders eat so much and don’t put on any fat? People usually think that eating fewer calories can help them become lean, but this can also reduce your metabolism and muscle mass.  

A standard bodybuilding diet involves increasing your overall protein and calorie intake and incorporating regular strength training into your workouts. This is probably why you see them eat several meals in a day and most of their meals include proteins like chicken, eggs, and lean beef. 

Let's dive deep into the relationship between eating and working out for a bodybuilder. 

Bodybuilders are often doing rigorous workout programs as building muscle isn’t easy.

For instance, an intense program like Arnold’s Golden Six Routine and a combination of 60 minutes of cardio can burn almost an extra 1000 calories a day! This is higher than the average calories burnt by most people. 

Some bodybuilders even do cardio while bulking, this translates into them being able to eat nearly twice as much what a regular person eats daily -and yet put on virtually zero fat and all muscle.

Bodybuilders are focused on building muscle and the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism. This essentially means your body is naturally able to burn more calories every day as your muscle continues to grow. Given all the muscle mass on bodybuilders, it does make sense that their body burns more calories without them even having to do anything. 

While eating a huge amount of food does add up to more calories, for bodybuilders, most of this food turns into muscles as their workout programs are designed to make the most of the extra protein and the carbohydrates in the food help them stay energized throughout their workouts. 

So, now you know how bodybuilders can eat big meals and still maintain their bodies! 

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