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How to Choose the Best Colours for Your Undertone

by Nathalie Russell 18 Mar 2021 0 Comments

There are a bunch of new season trends this year that are a must-try! However, before you indulge in all the newest trends you should find out what colours suit you best to ensure that you’re rocking these trends as best as you can. There are three main undertones that most people fall under, cool tone, warm tone, and neutral. There are multiple ways to find your undertone but one of the easiest ways is to determine how different coloured jewelry looks on you. If gold jewelry flatters you more than your undertone is most likely warm. If silver jewelry suits you best then your undertone is cool. If both silver and gold complement your skin then you’re most likely neutral!

Warm Undertone

If you’re warm-toned the colours that compliment you the best are rich and golden tones. This season try opting for colours such as Navy, Coral, and Olive. Any warm and deep colour would suit a warm undertone however, these colours in specific are perfect for flattering warm tones. Try styling your next gym outfit in our Buenos Aires Butt Scrunch Leggings in Olive.


Cool Undertone

Those who have cool undertones look best in colours with a gray and ashy tone to them. The best choices this season for a cool undertone are a Cool Nude, Gray, and Mauve. The Empress Long Sleeve Crop Top in Gray would be a perfect pairing for those with a cool undertone. The gray colour of the shirts brings out underlying blue and pink hues in the best way.



Neutral Undertone

Neutral undertone people get the best of both worlds. Not only do warm tones suit their skin but cool tones as well. Although almost every colour suits a neutral undertone, muted colours such as Red, Mint Green, and Sky Blue flaunt the gorgeous undertone combination. Go all out and choose the Flow Leggings and Impact Sports Bra in Mint for your next gym fit.  

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