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How To: Full Body at Home Workout

by Nathalie Russell 26 Jun 2020 0 Comments

As we’re approaching the world start to open up again and quarantine slowly ending, we should still continue to practice social distancing for the time being.  Although many of us have been patiently waiting for the gyms to open up it’s in everyone’s best interest that we continue to do home workouts.  Many may think that in order to achieve a successful home workout they must need a home gym complete with a full rack of weights. However, one can still achieve a complete full-body workout from home using nothing but their body weight and a couple of weights.

 @ _kelseyhummel_  takes us through a full-body HIIT workout from home. In order to complete this exercise, you’ll need a dumbbell of your choice and one weight. This is an EMOM workout so every minute on the minute there will be a new exercise to complete. Once you have completed the reps for each exercise, any time completed before that minute is over is your rest time. Kelsey recommends doing this workout as many times are you like she did these one 5 times for a 40-minute full-body workout.


Minute 1: Burpee +alt. Lunge x10

Minute 2: RDL to squat x10/side


Minute 3: Seated leg raises x10 + Hip thrusts x10


Minute 4: Single leg RDL x10/side


Minute 5: Mt. Climbers x40sec


Minute 6: Full ext. knee tucks x15


Minute 7: Squat jump x10 + kickbacks x10/side


Minute 8: Squat pulse steps x10/side + Russian Twists x10side 



Try this workout at home the next time you want to train your full body. Working out from home can be fun and productive when you get creative!

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