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How to Stay Safe at the Gym

by Danica Dalao 30 Jul 2020 0 Comments

After months of home workouts, creating makeshift exercise equipment, and using anything and everything as weights, gyms are slowly, but surely opening again! Here are some tips to consider while working out at the gym during this on-going pandemic.

Read your gyms' protocol on how they plan to open in the safest way possible.

As businesses prepare to open once again, they must follow a set of rules for the safety of their workers and customers. Whether your gym is opening up in stages, or you have to book a time in advance make sure your gym will follow state/province protocols properly so that you can work out safely and comfortably.

Come well prepared.

If your gym only offers scheduled limited time blocks, arrive early and warm up in the parking lot. Come dressed in your workout gear and have your program written out beforehand so that you can get straight to your working sets once you enter the gym.

Carry a Fanny Pack with you.

With the limited time, fanny packs or stringer bags are the perfect alternatives to huge gym bags. Carry anything from your phone, wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, and mask.

Wear a mask.

There are so many reasons why this is important. Yes, you might feel hotter quicker, but you are protecting yourself, your loved ones you come to contact with, and others from spreading the virus.

Wipe down your machine before and after use.

This has always been gym etiquette, but here's a reminder if you forgot.
Studies show that cardio/weighted machines can carry up to 79 times more bacteria than your water faucet and free weights up to 362 times more than a public toilet. Even if your gym closes to sanitize the area before and after letting a group of people in there's still a chance of bacteria clinging on to all the equipment. Better safe than sorry.

Wash your hands and yourself after your workout.

After being around a small group of people working out and touching equipment, it is important to sanitize your hands. It is not certain if the virus can cling onto fabrics of your clothes, but to stay hygienic it is best to change into cleaner clothes after your workout.

With all these tips, you can confidently walk into your gym and regain your strength back.

Happy Lifting!

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