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How to Style your Quarantine Outfits

by Nathalie Russell 01 May 2020 0 Comments

Being stuck at home all day every day can discourage us from dressing up or wearing anything other than our pajamas all day. Although many of us aren’t going outside we can still find a middle ground between style and comfort to help us adjust to our new routines. Therefore, if you’re looking for a new way to style your clothes then check out the list below for your new quarantine uniform.


Joggers- they’re comfy, soft, and stretchy what more could you ask for in a pair of pants? It’s easy to believe why one would want to wear this style while they’re at home social distancing. Although they can be seen as mostly a lounging piece, they still can be styled in a way that keeps you feeling fresh and cozy at the same time. If you want to spice up your jogger look try layering a zip-up sweater or cardigan over your Spirit Joggers or Missy Track Pants with a simple shirt underneath. Additionally, if you’re feeling like stepping out of the box try styling your basics with a jean jogger such as the Skywalker Jogger for a more polished look.



Everyone girl has their favourite pair of leggings! Quarantine is the best time to dress up your leggings if you’re wanting to change up your look but keep the comfort. Try adding a jean jacket and layered jewelry on top for a casual chic look, perfect for those grocery store runs! However, if you’re just wanting to spice up your home outfits you can always wear your favourite cute crop top paired with your favourite leggings for a complete look (the Luna Set is our favourite)! The possibilities are endless once you have a pair of staple leggings.



A pair of jeans can instantly improve the look of any casual outfit. Whether you’re getting some fresh air outside, running errands, or even making a Tik Tok try styling your look with a pair of jeans. Although some jeans can feel uncomfortable and hard, making them unappealing to wear on your comfy days the Zeus Jeans are made of a dynamic cotton and spandex blend. Therefore, making them the perfect amount of soft and stretchy. Style your Zeus Jeans with a hoodie, t-shirt, or long sleeve for a put-together comfy outfit. However, if you want to dress up your everyday t-shirt and jeans apparel try giving your shirt a French tuck for that effortlessly polished look.


Bomber Jacket

If you want to keep your gas station and grocery store runs comfy and minimal try adding a simple bomber jacket on top of any outfit you’re already wearing. You can pair this piece perfectly with joggers or jeans depending on the look you want to achieve. You can also pair your look with a matching hoodie or t-shirt underneath for a chic monochromatic moment. By adding a simple bomber jacket you’ve elevated your simple outfit to a look that is more diverse and refined.


There are so many possibilities when you have a solid base for your outfits and mixing and matching. We can still make the most of this situation and continue to feel our best in at home outfits that are still fashionable. You don’t need to compromise comfort and style to achieve a polished look. Never underestimate the importance of a few good staple pieces!
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