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Surviving the Sale Season: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Guidelines

by ASHNA KAPOOR 28 Nov 2019 0 Comments
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Sit back, relax and get ready to read some information that might assist you on surviving the biggest sale of the year. Now everyone knows how much damage takes place in our bank accounts during November 28th - December 1st. It’s a great deal of excitement because an excessive amount of shopping means, the holiday season is just rolling by!

What to Buy: 

You’ve managed to avoid shopping all year long, reduced spending costs just to save and spend it on others. Now the decision that outweighs all the reasons for saving, what to spend your hard work money on? There are plenty of stores that go on sale, however - buying affordable daily active-wear never goes out of season. Everyone who knows fashion loves the current streetwear trend of athleisure (refer back to the last blog article) which means throw on your comfiest pair of leggings or joggers and call it a day. Our brand, Jed North produces super high-quality joggers and sports bras at a practical price, making every purchase worth the deal. 

When to Buy: 

Realistically, people overspend and make purchases all year long at regular costs which aren’t the best method of going about shopping. Waiting till the Black Friday sale does increase the number of people shopping but you'll find a larger quantity of products at a lower price in comparison to what you would have originally paid for one item. That means the benefits outweigh the cons of waiting last minute shopping. 

What to Expect:

You can head-into the Black Friday Scenario picturing long-lines, frustrated customers and a whole lot of people interested in buying the same items. That’s one option OR you can utilize the benefits of online shopping. Hellooo, CyberMonday! Yes, the day which hypes up shopping from the comfort of your bedroom (why can’t every day be like this). Sales are drastically increased, newsletters give more discounts off to customers to order online. Now shipping prices may cost extra but getting items delivered while you sleep? priceless.  

   Surprised? Don’t Be:

Reaching the aftermath of the sale is a long one, don’t fret because your part is pretty simple. It's all about finding the items you like and then buying it at half off. Things to keep in mind; standard shipping delivery VS. shipping during the holiday season, understanding the procedure that goes into packaging orders and considering people who decide to add an excessive amount of items to their cart.

Overall, large amounts of traffic on the website may impact the web site's loading time which in return slows down the network. This may lead to page crashes. Remain patient, as companies know of these issues and rapidly find a solution so you can continue shopping with ease. If needed, there is always another option to reach out to customer service for assistance.

Orders at this time are mainly hand-picked and packaged with care from sellers, therefore rather than getting frustrated at delivery times if you want your package at an earlier time - throw in some extra cash. It’ll pay off when you don’t have to wait longer than necessary for a small number of items. 

Hope this information helps, now don’t forget to browse from our many different categories and buckle up to find the style that defines you! If you're all about sticking to the basics, don't worry we had that part of the plan.

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