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by Andres Rodriguez 10 Feb 2021 0 Comments

While we do make you look exceptional when squatting or bench pressing, we do provide great apparel for fitness on the field. In this article we will help discover what articles of clothing, from Jed North, can best assist your performance in a variety of sports.


To the most popular sport in the world and played year-round, the most flexible pair of joggers on the roster. The Matrix Tapered Joggers have the material to bolster your training in any condition. These joggers give mobility to any dribbling, shooting or passing drill you want to put it through. For the ladies, the flow leggings. These leggings will give you extra comfort with the ability to strike a 20 yarder on any keeper.


More like the hardwood…your mind may go automatically to the Retro Shorts, cause well, they make you look like you have been battling on the black top in the early 2000’s. What we would recommend are the Dexter Flow Performance Shorts. With built in compression shorts, these shorts give you the legs to run a fast break or even lock down your matchup. For the lady ballers we got two options for you. The Glory Shorts or our newest Rebel Shorts are out top recommendations. The Glory Shorts allow you to get to your peak performance quickly and comfortably. The Rebel Shorts give you the classic look that can get your to cruise through the paint for an easy bucket.


Just recently seeing Tom Brady win his 7th Superbowl, can give athletes all over to get the urge to pickup a football and run routes until the lights turn off. To help you with his hustle, we recommend the Zenith Workout Shorts paired with the microfiber Dri-Fit Stringer. Breathable, flexible and performance enhancing, this outfit will get you ready for when the pads come on and the fans start cheering. For the women, well no better way then the matching set of the Supple Seamless collection to juke and spin away from tacklers. Mobility is key.

We try to hit the biggest sports in North America, but there is no doubt we can revisit the topic and give you more sports with more takes as new arrivals come. Visit @jed_north on Instagram for the latest looks.

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