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by Ikroop Khanna 06 Dec 2019 0 Comments

As the holiday season comes closer, it is imperative to keep up with your fitness regime. It can be tough to always have a gym when on the go, but there are many workouts you can do within your accommodation. Regardless of the workouts, the most important aspect of fitness is always diet as it comprises of most of your physique. The saying “all good bodies are made in the kitchen” does hold true, and this brings us on to our first tip:

  1. Portion Sizing and Choosing the Right Choices

Travelling takes its toll on your diet because it is hard to have home-cooked meals and sometimes you will have to scavenge to find whatever is available. The difference comes when you make the right choices instead of the wrong ones. This means instead of ordering a burger from a fast-food joint, see if there is a healthy alternative such as a salad or don't order pop if you get a combo. If you are in a meeting or at a hall with an abundance of food, you should administer portion sizing. An easy way to portion size is to close your hand into a fist and that relative size is how much meat you should have. Your whole hand should be the number of greens you have and if you want to substitute greens for grains then use your fist for an easy portion. It is easy to get away with yourself when you have access to unlimited food, portion controlling like this makes it easier to not overeat.

  1. Resistance Bands and Bodyweight Workouts 

Easy lightweight exercise equipment that can be used in any situation are resistance bands. These cheap and versatile bands can be utilized in many forms to perform a number of different exercises. Whether it be bicep curls, squats or even lateral shoulder raises; bands should be an essential item you can use for any travel situation. If you are not wanting to invest in a pair, you can also easily perform simple workouts within the vicinity of your accommodation. You can perform a circuit of bodyweight exercises such as push-ups, lunges and etc. For some simple bodyweight workouts, you can check out our Instagram page @jednorthnation which has daily workouts in and out of the gym! Don't worry we got you covered!

  1. Cardio Anywhere 

Cardio is something that is often neglected but something that can be done anywhere at any time. You don't need equipment nor do you need anything special to perform cardio. It can be as simple as going for a run or walk through your destination or if you're more inclined you can keep a jump rope to perform a HIIT workout. Cardio is great for keeping your heart healthy and can be classified as anything that gets the blood flowing. You can even perform simple workouts inside the comfort of your hotel room such as burpees or jumping jacks. Cardio does not require much but the will to go through with it, every workout starts with the first rep or step; so just start moving!

These 3 tips are simple but if performed as a routine and uniformly, it is easy to still keep fit while on the go. Staying in good shape while traveling is not hard, it just requires you to find alternatives and think outside of the box rather than limit yourself and find an excuse. Once fitness becomes a habit it transitions into a lifestyle and you will find any way to keep what you worked so hard to earn!

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