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Must Have Accessories

by Mehgan Tabuac 17 Jul 2021 0 Comments

When we get ready to workout, our mind often goes into our gym outfit first before thinking about our accessories. But adding the right accessory into your rotation can completely transform your workout into something dynamic and efficient. Here is a look at our top accessories that you need to add into your life. 


Lifting Gloves

We all need a little support sometimes and these lifting gloves help push your lifts to the next level. They are non slip and have just the right amount of padding to keep you secure. This item is definitely one we suggest if you want to keep your hands safe and your lifts secure. 

Chest Bag

Your outdoor workouts will never be the same once you get a hold of our chest bags. With adjustable strap and just the right amount of room, you can keep working out without having to worry about your essentials being misplaced or stolen. It's super convenient and with its unique design of multiple straps, it is non distracting and won't flop around when you workout. It also adds a touch of utilitarian aesthetic into your fit. 

Wanderlust Headband

For all the ladies, we highly suggest our Headbands to keep your hair secure and out of the way. It's stretchy yet firm so it won't slip or fall out. Not only that, it matches with our Wanderlust set so you can have a cute coordinated look from head to toe.

Stringer Bag

For on the go and you need to fit in an extra outfit or a water bottle with you to the gym, we suggest our Stringer Bag. Straight to the point, no frills, this item is great for transporting anything you need in and out of the gym. 


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