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Match Your Activewear Style To Your Zodiac Sign!

by ASHNA KAPOOR 08 Jan 2020 2 Comments
Thank your lucky stars 🌠 
Here’s what the signs have in store for you!
This is your chance to grasp at outfits, best matched to your personality type. Whether you’re the type of person who feels fierce and in control, or a soft-spoken person who enjoys making the most out of your day with no disruptions. Take a bold stance in this hand-picked activewear, chosen to be undeniably you.
(March 20-April 20) Aries, the colors which awaken your wild side are the colors red, white and black. As a sign, you are all viewed as natural born leaders, loud and confident. That’s why we selected two comfortable styles, which can be great for when you are looking to rage out in your next workout or keep the practice from home.

(April 21-May 20) Taurus are a sign known to be hard workers, who are ideally in pursuit of their goals.They are driven by their ambition, for example, when a Taurus wishes to workout and the gym attendant is away, they will seek out a manager to get exactly what they want. It’s important to note, how they view themselves is crucial to their self-confidence levels, therefore the colors, pink, blue and green should be incorporated to their wardrobe to seem more attractive to other people.

(June 22-July 23) Cancers are extremely thoughtful, deep and emotional signs. In life, they maintain a structure, feeling at ease using self-discipline to keep on moving. They are truly creative with their imagination and would feel inspired with improving workouts while wearing white and orange colors.

(July 23-August 23) Leos are natural leaders, take charge and move forward without any fear that may lead them to their path of success. In order to look their best, they should be wearing outfits that reveal the best side to them. Since they are extremely energized, vibrant colors such as orange, white, pink and gold make a statement in any setting.

(August 23-September 23) Virgos are practical, structured with their lives on a day-to-day basis, and will always get the job done. Since they are labeled as an earth sign, they’ll feel more drawn to colors such as white, yellow, camel, forest green and burgundy. Keeping functionality in mind, an outfit with pockets would be the best supporting BFF at the gym that a Virgo could ever have.

(September 23-October 23) Libras are calm, natural communicators and who love balance. Due to their strong leadership skills, they avoid drama and enjoy living life to the fullest. Since they are also an earth sign,.they should actively workout in natural blue and green outfits. Remember if you feel good, you’ll do good as well!

(October 24-November 23)Scorpios are famous for their passion and individuality, as well as being mysterious. However, they are the first at trying new things, always determined to be the test out a new fitness activity or class. The colors which drive them to act their best is red, pink, rust and burgundy.

(November 23-December 23) You can't hold a Sagittarius back, they are highly creative and strong-minded individuals who set goals to reach them, in their own way. Throughout their life, they seem to be on an adventure, feel extra powerful lifting weights and moving forward with your routines in the colors purple, red and pink.
(December 23-January 20) Capricorns are fearless, capable of taking on any situation and extremely easily to depend on. They can endure a lot of physical challenges, and still lend a hand - which makes them the most practical and patient sign. Since they like a challenge, we’d recommend crossfit as a tough yet motivating workout practice. Their performance power colors are neutral: brown, grey and black.

(January 20-February 18) An Aquarius is a thoughtful, intelligent sign, which choose to be on their own. They are quiet and independent focused on building the best version of themselves. They let their mind wander, so we say show off your originality, lift and run in colors which satisfy your how you feel in black, gray, or blue.

(February 18-March 20) Pisces are artistic, empathetic signs which originate from creativity. They are always searching for new hobbies to make themselves do better. Research shows for Pisces, when looking for everyday gym clothes, keep in mind for tapping into a sea green and purple palette. The confidence from shopping new gym clothes, will enhance workout performance as well as the way how you think others see you.
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16 Jan 2020 ROBYN

Where is June/Gemini?

16 Jan 2020 ROBYN

Where is June/Gemini?

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