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Partner Your Yoga: Benefits of Practicing with a Partner

by Danica Dalao 16 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Yoga is usually a solo activity where you can quiet the mind, self-reflect, and focus on YOU. There are many skills you can benefit from a solo yoga session, though, practicing with a partner brings on new challenges for you to conquer. From beginners to advanced yogis, anyone can benefit from partner yoga!

Building Trust

Letting someone into your space isn't easy. Practicing with someone requires your full trust.

Improves Communication

Partner yoga requires clear instruction and communication from balancing or flying. You must listen to one another's cues to hone down on poses.

Enhances Balance

You are working with one another to have proper alignment with each pose. Rely on one another to perfect the pose. 

Strengthen Relationship

There's a degree of association that is needed to raise, lift and trust that the other has your back. The physical and passionate difficulties engaged with dominating these stances together can help encourage association and closeness in a remarkable manner.

Having Fun!

Every practice isn't going to be perfect. Keep it fun and laugh on!  

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