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The Biggest Fitness Fashion Trends To Look Out For in 2021

by Mehgan Tabuac 09 Jul 2021 0 Comments

With the wild ride, 2020 was for us all; we are all ready to kickstart on some new fitness goals in 2021. With new fitness goals comes new fitness fashion trends. Here is a little bit of what you should expect to see when entering the gym this year...

Scrunch Booty Leggings

The holy saviour for every girl out there, whatever your shape or size is, these leggings are for you! Scrunch booty leggings have been around for years but have recently hit the fitness scene again because of their recent popularity on social media. The magic in these leggings is usually to create the effect of giving your booty more shape with the scrunch detail in the seam of the booty. Most of these leggings also come with extra compression as well to help give more smoothness to your legs overall. You will not regret purchasing these leggings, especially on leg day.



green butt scrunch leggings

Neon/Vibrant Colours

Say goodbye to all black in 2021; the latest trend right now is throwing in a pop of neon to your workout outfit or even going full neon vibes head to toe. Everyone will be turning their heads when you walk in the gym with an electrifying blue or yellow sports bra; it brightens everyone's look overall. Neon trend was known to be very popular in the '80s and is making its remarkable comeback now, from nails to hair; everyone is throwing in a pop of neon to their lives!


Jed North Women - Lola Sports Bra Neon Yellow

bright yellow neon sports bra crop top

Biker Shorts

First, these hit the lifestyle fashion scene but then became so popular brands started making them in every material and print, and eventually, the fitness community found them to be the perfect shorts for the gym. Biker shorts are more mid-thigh length shorts, minus the "dad" shorts look you might be thinking of. Biker shorts are form-fitted and perfect for any workout because they won't ride up or show anything you don't want to show to your fellow workout buddies. Usually, all biker shorts come in a high-rise fit as well, so you get added compression cause who doesn't love high-rise anything? They pair awesome with any sports bra or even a cute cropped sweater, then just toss on your favorite sneakers, and it's a whole vibe!


Jed North Women - Flow Shorts in Black

black long biker shorts

Animal Prints

Obviously, Animal prints have been around for years. But never have you seen them more than you do now; from snakeskin to zebra and the fan favourite cheetah print, everyone has a print that will suit them. Animal prints were more on-trend with high fashion and formal wear for years but are now gaining popularity in fitness fashion. These prints make you look extra boujee during your sweat session.


Jed North Women - Aria Sports Bra - Leopard

leopard print animal sports bra


Cropped Hoodies/Sweaters

The perfect extra layer to put over your workout outfit before heading to the gym or even to help get you warmed up at the start of your workouts. Zip-ups are out this year, and pullover cropped hoodies and sweater are IN! They flatter any fit and are an amazing addition to have in your gym bag in case you need to run errands after you leave the gym too. You can even tie them around your waist to give a whole different vibe to your fit.


Jed North Women - Wild Dreams Cropped Hoodie - Purple

purple cropped hoodie matching set


Written by Angie Guenette. Follow her Instagram here!

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