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The Keys To Fat Loss

by Mehgan Tabuac 04 Sep 2020 0 Comments

When all this COVID craziness started, we didn’t know what to expect of the world. But little did we know an unexpected outcome of being in a global pandemic was weight gain. After finally getting out of those long months in quarantine, a lot of us find ourselves with a little more LB’s than we previously had. Gyms closed, work from home became a thing and with little contact with the outdoors, we couldn’t help but gain some weight. 

Now that we are finally out it’s time to start thinking about feeling human again. If you are like us, and need a little motivation and information on how we can begin the weight loss journey, read below for @cgarciafitness tips on fat loss.

The 🔑’s to fat loss

🔑 Count your Macronutrients and calories. A simple tip here is to make sure you're in a Caloric deficit (500 cals is ideal) and then track your food consumption in MyFitnessPal. You can make it even simpler by meal prepping and tracking your food on Sundays, this way if you eat the same food every day for a whole week you will meet your goals!

🔑 Get active. I emphasize this because many people don’t realize how sedentary they are! If you're really going all in on fat loss there is no reason why you can’t dedicate 1 hour a day 6 times a week to a workout/cardio routine of your choice. Put your goals first (Netflix and your other excuses can wait) 

🔑 Track your progress. As you lose more and more fat you will want to keep notes, pictures, and how many calories you did a day the previous weeks (😂 personally I take nudes I only cut to look sexy af naked 🤷🏽‍♂️).....but seriously this will allow you to drop your calories or up your workout/cardio routine if needed in order to keep losing fat.

🔑 Be Consistent! Nothing works unless you put in the actual work. Don’t discredit what plan you're following if you're not doing it 100%. The only way to know if 2300 calories is optimal for your bodies fat loss is to actually eat 2300 calories for a whole week and see if you dropped weight or not (just an example, I’m currently eating 2300)

With these simple tips, you too can begin your fat loss journey! Make sure to follow @cgarciafitness on Instagram for more workout motivation and tips.

Make sure to follow @jed_north too!

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