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The Next Generation of Movement: Meet Luke Mizel

by Andres Rodriguez 06 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Let’s get into it…

On paper he’s no ordinary kid, amassing 130k views on a single video on the Jed North Move page and earned a spot in the World Chase Tag competition, but he really is just a kid from California… humble and with a dream. Luke, take it away.

Introduce Yourself!

Hey! My name is Luke Mizel, I’m 18 years old, and from San Diego, CA. I first noticed Parkour & Free-Running through YouTube videos, and naturally, being a 13 year old kid who loved climbing anything he could find, I immediately began learning the discipline.

How do you keep motivated?

Through these past 5 years of training, staying motivated definitely hasn’t been easy. I try to keep my focus on the same concept I had when I began, and that focus is to make it the RedBull Art Of Motion competition. The idea of that gets me going everyday, as I don’t feel I can stop until I have reached that ultimate goal.

Who is your inspiration?

As far as athletes go though, my biggest inspiration is Bob Reese & Jesse LaFlair. Jesse was one of the first pro athletes, and when I began training, I watched all of his videos constantly. Bob on the other hand just has an incredibly dope style, and I loved watching his movement for years now.

What do you do when you’re not training or making content for IG/Tiktok?

When I’m not training, I’m just your typical teenager. I love hanging out with friends, exploring, skating, just about anything that involves people.

What is your favorite parkour/free-running move?

My favorite trick changes everyday, depending on what movement I’m training. As of now though, I’m loving full-up twists, which is a complete 360 rotation before doing the actual flip.

What are your career aspirations?

In my career, I aspire to be competitive. I want to win competitions, travel, and build a name for myself. Above all else though, I want to act as an inspiration for the younger generation of athletes, host jams, and help other people on their journey.

Your favorite piece of Jed North clothing? What do you have your eye on next to get?

My favorite article of JedNorth clothing is definitely the joggers. They are incredibly comfortable and have the perfect density/thickness for me to go out and train in, or wear them recreationally. I am interested in trying out the shorts too, hopefully in the near future!

How have/had you been dealing with Covid19 and quarantine?

Dealing with COVID-19 has been tough. Being a part of a large family, with 8 siblings (yes you heard me right), we’ve all been quarantining in one house. However, we’ve all managed to get into a routine and come up with fun things to do. I still train everyday also.


Lets’ get personal!

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Spider-Man without a doubt! He’s young, fearless, and jumps off buildings … what isn’t to like?

Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo or PC?

Hope I don’t get hate for this, but PS4 all the way.

What music do you listen to? Favorite artist? Song?

I listen to a little of everything. Hard to say my favorite artist or song, but usually anything that's chill and laid back is what you’ll catch in my earbuds.


Keep your eye out for Luke, as we are expecting great things in his future. Lastly don’t forget to follow us on IG: @jednorthmove to see Luke in action, and many more athletes rockin’ your favorite Jed North apparel.

Athlete- Luke Mizel IG: @lukemizel

Photographer- Anthony Adlawan IG: @anthonyadlawan

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