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Weight-Less Leg Workout

by Andres Rodriguez 01 Dec 2021 0 Comments

The lockdown has made gym goers worldwide adapt to new fitness regimens and trends. Moving forward, trying to optimize workouts with very limited equipment expanded the creativity of athletes everywhere. One essential item that was quickly added to everyone’s workout routine were resistance bands. With this new cost effective means to workout, the bands changed the way you worked out. Here we will highlight a @petermiljak resistance band workout that will create a next morning struggle to walk up stairs!

1. Goblet Squat (Sets/Reps: 4x15) - Loop each end of the band around both feet. Grip the mid point of the band, clasp hands together and hold it under your chin. Perform a squat, while making sure your chest is out, back straight!

2. Goblet Reverse Lunge (Sets/Reps: 4x15) - Place your front leg on top of the middle of a band, grip each end of the band and hold under your chin. Perform reverse lunges by stepping back, sinking your hips down, then driving up using your Glutes/Hips.

3. Assisted Double Knee Extensions (Sets/Reps: 4x15ea) - Anchor a heavy band to the bottom of a post, then place a chair in front for support. Dip your knees down and in the direction of the band, then extend up - fully locking out your knees at the top SQUEEZING your quads. 

4. Split Stance Leg Curl (Sets/Reps: 5x15ea) - Anchor a band to the bottom of a post, use a bench to rest your knee on and lunge your front leg forward/beside the bench (this will allow greater isolation on the working hamstring). Loop the band around your ankle, and perform single leg ham curls.

5. Lying Single Leg Press (Sets/Reps: 4x15ea.) - Anchor a band to a post slightly above you when lying on your back. Loop the band around your foot, and perform lying leg presses, focusing on full control and contraction not fully locking out.

6. Half Kneel Hip Thrust (Sets/Reps:4x15ea.) - Anchor a band to a post behind you (hip height), then loop the band around your one kneeling thigh, with the other leg extended out beside you. Perform hip thrusts by pushing hips back towards the band, then thrusting forward - squeezing your Glutes.

For more workout tips and routines visit @jed_north and @petermiljk on Instagram!

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