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What to Wear to Your Next Gym Appointment Based Off of Your Zodiac Sign

by Nathalie Russell 05 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Capricorn  – Capricorns are powerful and strong. They need an outfit that will keep them cool and composed while they cross the finish line. The ideal set for a Capricorn is our Glory Shorts in Black and Lola Sports Bra in Black. The short set and neutral black colour will make a Capricorn feel powerful and secured during their entire workout.

Aquarius – The perfect set for an Aquarius is a set with a subtle design and soft features. Therefore, the set every Aquarius needs for all seasons is our Flow Leggings and Aria Sports Bra in our Snakeskin print. For a bonus, it comes in a unique shade of purple to compliment the February birthstone amethyst.


Pieces – Pieces need an outfit that will keep them as comfortable as they are when lounging. Try our Spirit Joggers in all colours paired with your favourite sports bra for the comfiest workout possible! The high-waisted joggers will keep you secured and cozy while your crush a leg day or conquer an upper body workout.

Aries - Aries need an outfit that will aid them while they train their hardest. The warrior set is not only fitting in the name for an Aries but the print and colours are also suitable for all the intense workouts Aries usually endure. The Warrior Crop Top and Warrior Leggings in either green camo or gray camo are fitting for the next training session!

Taurus - Taurus’ need an outfit that is not only functional but aesthetically appealing and they’re not willing to compromise. Their workout outfits need to be perfect for social media and checking out their gains at the gym. The best set for any Taurus would be the Mia Set, with stunning back details on the sports bra and a fun white camo design, they’re sure to love this set.


Gemini – An outfit that’s not only perfect for inside the gym but outside as well – that’s the ideal gym outfit for a Gemini’s next workout. The Luna Long Sleeve and Luna Leggings in Gray are great for getting your sweat on at the gym. However, if you pair it with a jean jacket or puffer jacket and style it up with some jewelry you can rock this lookout and about!

Cancer – Cancer needs a comfortable and functional outfit. Specifically, something that will keep them feeling warm and cozy in the gym so they can push it to the limit as best as they can. Try styling your next gym outfit with an additional layered piece such as the Iconic Hoodie or Bliss Crop Top.

Leo – Leo’s are known for their bold and fun personality. Therefore, it’s only fitting that your next gym outfit fits your flare. Nothing will make a Leo stand out more than our Glory Sets in Neon, Teal, Hot Pink, or Dark Blue. These bright and bold new looks are not only great for their appeal but they’re compressive and supportive for all workouts.

Virgo – It’s all about functionality when it comes to Virgos. The best and most functional piece is any item from our Supple Seamless Collection. The outlines and details will complement the curves on their body while assisting them during any workout. It’s a great set for both summer and winter.

Libra – Libra’s are all about the classics. That’s why a simple and seamless monochromatic look is perfect for a Libra’s next workout. The Flow Leggings and Aria Sports Bra in Leopard is the best set for a libra with the versatile looks you can create and the fan favourite leggings with pockets. No other set suits a Libra more!

Scorpio – Scorpios love to try out new ways of getting exercise, that’s why they need an outfit that will work for them no matter the occasion. The Flora Set is soft and durable for all kinds of workouts. They’re seamless and resistant which makes them the best choice for running, yoga, and/or weight training.

Sagittarius – Any outfit that has unique features to support their individualistic style. The best outfit would be our Bloom Set or Harmony set. Both sets are perfect for yoga and they each have distinctive details that go well with a Sagittarius’ personality.

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