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Why These Accessories Will Help You Lift More Weight

by Craig F 02 Feb 2018 0 Comments

Jed North’s Expansion into High Quality Gym Accessories

Not a lot of companies can completely master both fashion and function - and that doesn’t only apply to our clothing. We are officially announcing the expansion into high quality gym accessories to make your lifts ever greater.

    Here is a list of 4 accessories that everyone should always keep in their gym bag:

    1. Waist Trainer Support 

    Good for:

    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Upper body presses
    • Cardio

    This firm and supportive waist belt can be worn both in and out of the gym. With its dual adjustment straps to provide a custom fit, it works by gently compressing your abdominal and obliques, working as an extra abdominal wall. This relieves the pressure off the core to avoid early exhaustion in your training sets.

    The waist trainer can also be used anytime of the day to gradually decrease the thickness of the waist.

    2. Lifting Straps

    Good for:

    • Deadlifts
    • Back Rows
    • Pullups

    These straps wrap around the wrists and the bar to strengthen your grip and eliminate fatigue during your lift. It’s made with heavy duty industrial grade material and stitching.

    Of course, it just had to be tested by professional weightlifters and bodybuilders, and they’ve concluded it can withstand the toughest of fitness regimens.

    3. Wrist Wraps

    Good for:

    • chest exercises
    • shoulders exercises
    • arm exercises

    A concept so simple can prevent hindering injuries to the wrist. This is especially great for anyone who has ever experienced pain in their wrists from lifting heavy. Also made with heavy duty materials, it is proven withstand heavy lifts and long term usage.

    How to use: Simply place your thumb into the thumb loop and wrap the entire strap tightly around both wrists. .

    4. Pro Lifting Grips

    Good For:

    • barbell exercises
    • dumbbell exercises
    • kettlebell exercises

    These grips are an alternative for the longer wrist straps. These ones don’t quite attach your grip to the bar as strongly as the others, but they do provide strong grip support like chalk would.

    It also prevents calluses on the palm, which could tear open if not protected. These are great for holding anything with a wide handle, like bars and dumbells.

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