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3 Easy Ways To Speed Up Muscle Gains

by Yvonne Napier 13 May 2022 2 Comments

So you’re following your fitness program dedicatedly, but your muscle growth has started to become stagnant with slow gains or no gains. This can be very frustrating and even demotivating in some cases, but we got you! We have three easy fixes to get back on that progress report. 

#1 You’re Calorie Intake is Low

This may seem basic, but when you compare complex fitness programs and diet, you're simply not eating enough to support your gains. Eating to gain mass can be challenging as you’re constantly eating and you’re probably still full from 2 meals ago. 

But if you ease into it over a couple of weeks, you can start to consistently get down to the 3500-4500 calories you need to grow (depending on your current size and goals, of course). And it goes without saying that we don’t just mean any calories, but the right calories and breakout for your specific goals.

#2 You’re Not Lifting With Progressive Weight Intensity

Muscle grows when it is taxed at a high enough level to initiate the rebuilding process during recovery. If you don’t push it hard enough, you’ll get a nice pump, but as soon as the pump is gone, so are your “gains”.

You must consistently be adding weight to your lifts and you must be pushing yourself. If you’re not working up a good sweat and breathing hard while you’re lifting, you’re doing it wrong.

You’ve also got to keep track of your progress if you ever hope to stay on track with your continually increasing weight. An excellent way to do this is by maintaining a Fitness journal and writing down what you did last week. 

#3 You’re Not Resting Enough

You need to get 8+ hours of sleep per night in order to let your body recover from what you put it through earlier in the day at the gym. If you don’t, your recovery is slowed and your performance the next day at the gym is sub-optimal… and the downward spiral continues.

Take a look at your schedule and see where you can save time and prioritize getting better rest. This will make a huge difference in your overall fitness goals. 

Once you get these basics fixed, your fitness goals will surely get back on track and you will start to see the gains you’ve been working for. 

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06 Jun 2022 Mertin

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