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Jed North Birthday Sale and Everything You Need To Know

by Marco Ilao 10 Aug 2021 0 Comments

When is it?

- Our 6th annual birthday sale will take place from August 10th at 10am (EST) and ends August 14th at 2pm (EST).

Where is it?

- Exclusively on our website of course! 

What's so special about the birthday sale?

- It's our biggest sale of the year and many of our items will range from 40% to 80% off!  Let me repeat that again... 40% TO 80% OFF

What's in stock and what you should be looking for!

     We will be ready for all your orders and we'll have plenty of our popular items in stock but we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point you in the right direction! 

     For our men's side we recommend our activewear tops from stringers, polo's and athletic shirts.  We'll have plenty of bottoms such as our full range shorts, joggers and definitely keep an eye out for denim! With fall around the corner we recommend looking through our sportswear hoodies to get you ready for sweater weather!

   For our women's side we have plenty of items that will have you ready for summer (what's left of it), fall and that weird in between weather when September arrives!  Look out for our bodysuits and leggings to help add a versatility to your wardrobe!  Whether it be going to the gym, or going out for a coffee date we got you!  What would any sale be if we didn't tell you to stop and check out our denim.  Our denim is comfortable, sexy, stylish and its on sale! You simply cannot go wrong! 

There are so many birthday sales right now, why choose us?

Amongst the items listed, we have an even wider range of products that will be going on sale covering you from head to toe.  Along, with our many items offered we believe that our quality of product matched with our prices offers everyone from all walks of life the ability to look great and feel comfortable.  Ultimately, we want to be able to provide everyone the confidence and security you deserve when choosing to wear our brand while representing yourself!

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