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The Truth About the Fitness Industry - Skywalker and Jerdani

by Craig F 26 Feb 2018 0 Comments

We interviewed "Tren Setter" Jon Skywalker and his good friend and IFBB Pro, Jerdani Kraja. Together, they reveal the pros and cons about the fitness industry, and why it's affecting Jon's decision to leave North America. 

These guys are not afraid to say what other people are too scared to talk about in the fitness industry; Liars, friendships, steroid usage and the truth about competing in bodybuilding shows. Nowadays, it's very hard to find celebrities in the fitness industry who are so open and raw about their everyday lifestyles. That's why we appreciate Jed North Athletes like Skywalker himself - who is as honest and open as it gets. 



Jon's fans seem to be as loyal and supportive as it gets - despite his future move and his slams on the fitness industry, Jon's fans continue to abide by him: "Big ups to Jon, dude keeps it real."... "If only Jon actually uploaded YouTube videos. I'd love to see vlogs and stuff, u only see him very rarely". What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you appreciate Jon's honesty or find it controversial? 

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