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Watch This if You Need Motivation - Dallas Rae Gets Real

by Craig F 23 Feb 2018 0 Comments

If you think the world is against you and you're struggling to find some genuine, powerful motivation, you need to watch this video.

IFBB Pro Dallas Rae opens up to us about the disease that is making her journey difficult, but not impossible.


"I fight through the fatigue, I fight through the nausea, and I'm able to make it to the gym and reach my goals".


With a recent breakup from a toxic relationship, Dallas proves that recovery from the hardest of times is possible. If you are not motivated by your surroundings, your instagram feed, or your own mindset, seek advice from someone who has been through it and worse, like Dallas Rae. 



Take it from Dallas, that no matter what you are going through, there is a way to stand above it. Conquer your disease, your toxic relationship, your mere lack of motivation... And you will rise. 



Make sure you're following Dallas Rae on social media to have daily reminders of what perseverance and dedication really look like.



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