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Fitness Beginner Mistakes with Charlie Meister

by Danica Dalao 06 Jun 2021 0 Comments
1. Introduce yourself!
My name is Charlie Meister and I’m an online fitness coach! I’m the owner and head coach of MeisterBody and I specialize in helping people build muscle & drop body fat. 
I’m 25 years old and born in Zurich, Switzerland now living in Calgary, Canada. I went to school for finance but switched careers to become a trainer/entrepreneur as I absolutely love what I do!
2. How did you first start getting into fitness?
My fitness journey began because of how insecure I was with myself growing up. I’ve always been pretty tall but also really skinny and weak. In high school I was around 140 lbs at 6’3. On top of that I went to a hockey focused high school where all my peers were significantly bigger and stronger than me. I had no confidence in myself, was extremely insecure and knew I needed to make a change.
Similar to most people, the first several weeks and months sucked. I was always super sore, made no progress and was very frustrated. Once I actually began researching more and learning the fundamentals to training & nutrition, I started seeing more and more results. Once I started seeing more progress, I became addicted and the rest is history.
3. What motivates you?
My clients are extremely motivating to me. Although I am very disciplined now and don’t really rely on external motivation to keep me going, when I see other people crushing their fitness goals it definitely inspires & motivates me. I love setting goals for myself and doing whatever it takes to crush those goals.
4. How has fitness helped you overcome challenges in your life? 
I attribute almost every positive change in my life to fitness. No joke. Initially my goal with fitness was just to look and feel better like most people but after several years of chasing my fitness goals, I realized much more than just my physical appearance had changed. 
Not only did I gain a lot more confidence in myself but I also found I was significantly more disciplined with my goals and work ethic. I became more driven, outspoken and had a stronger belief in myself that I can do anything I set my mind too.
Fitness has completely changed my life. I genuinely believe I would not be where I am today in terms of my personal attributes without fitness. You cannot unlock your full potential without being physically fit. Your social life, your work life, your sex life will all dramatically improve when you begin to take care of your health & fitness.
5. Advice for people starting out?
Don’t kill yourself starting out! The biggest mistake I see people make is when they want to start their fitness journey they go absolutely off the wall. There is zero need for beginners to go to the gym everyday and do hours of cardio and be super restrictive in their diet. That’s probably the worst thing you can do. Instead, start off slow. The good news is you have the ability at this stage to make significant progress with not that much volume of training needed. You can make a ton of progress starting off with 3 one-hour sessions per week. It’s actually counter productive for you to go everyday at this point as the stimulus that you’re placing on yourself is way too much for your body to efficiently recover and adapt from. Overtraining is definitely a common issue with beginners.
My other piece of advice is to get on a program. A big mistake beginners make (I made this mistake too) is going to the gym and free-styling their workout and just doing whatever everyone else is doing or whatever they feel like doing that day. Everyone is at different points in the own fitness journey and so copying others isn't necessarily going to be beneficial for you. Having a structured routine that is ideally custom made for you will accelerate your progress significantly. Get on a proper program and focus on progressive overload. 
6. What are your goals? 
I have now been lifting for almost 10 years and love the physique I have currently. My current goal is to keep building my business, The MeisterBody Academy, and help more people achieve their dream physiques. Nothing is more gratifying to me than helping transform someone else’s life.
7. How has COVID affected these goals? 
COVID has actually helped me a lot. By that I mean i’ve been really able to focus on building my online business & presence. Moving my business online has allowed me not only to work with more people, but also to work with people all over the globe which is really cool. I now have clients in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Colombia and even Tanzania and the member community that i’ve built has been incredible.
8. Where will you go from here?
From here my plans going forward are more business driven. Like I mentioned, I am very happy with my current physique and my health is better than it’s ever been. I plan on continuing to grow my coaching business and to help more and more people unlock their full potential and get in the best shape of their lives!
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